Founder – Managing Partner – Chris T.

Chris’ exposure to the FM’s (Financial Markets) has spanned over 15 years. His journey through the world of finance began when he took his U.S. T-Bonds, given to him by his grandmother, and cashed them in. He started experimenting in the FM’s during the “.com” era. Being young and naïve, he at first believed that trading was going to be his get rich quick card. Unfortunately, and to his dismay, he was soon humbled by the the FM’s during the “bust” in which he lost tens of thousands of dollars.

He attributes this experience as the reason why he now knows that you must be able to trade in both bear and bull markets to be successful long-term. Although he takes pride in never blowing up his accounts, he does not forget how quickly profits can dissipate when rules and risk management are not followed, and how over-confidence can cause trades to become emotional (i.e. overly & revenge trading). After he depleted most of his accounts during the “.com” bust, he quit, deciding he had done enough damage. He finished my B.A. Degree – but found he still couldn’t shake his intrigue for the FM’s. Eventually, he re-funded his brokerage account and made the switch into OTC’s & micro-caps (while continuing to invest in long term positions).

After studying obsessively, developing and back-testing strategies, learning to recognize patterns, and (which he states is probably the biggest attributable factor) being mentored by a very successful day-trader, he began to see continual and increasing success. Options became of interest to him shortly thereafter, although with minimal exposure (mostly covered call writing). They fascinated him, so he continued to learn and began swing-trading them. Presently, Chris focuses primarily on options, but he firmly believes the experience he gained and what he learned in all aspects of the FM’s over many years of exposure cannot be understated.

His Style: Depending on market conditions, he is typically a directional short-term momentum option swing/daytrader. He focuses on 2-4+ week swings based on the best low-risk/high-reward setups he finds.

MysteryMan’s most honored non-monetary achievement was winning the #9 spot (as a “write-in”) for the “2016 Most Helpful Trader on Twitter” poll, out of thousands of traders.

Managing Partner – Matt 

Matt, has been trading in the Small Cap and Over the Counter market for 6 years. While this is where he focuses, he recently started options trading under the guidance of the other Partners of UTR. In the Small Cap and Over the Counter, he focuses on low float plays with bottomed charts. He believes that finding a play with value before the market does is essential to being successful in the Small Cap and Over the Counter.

He uses a combination of the Stochastic Indicator, the MACD, and analyzing the L2 to determine high-value bottom setups. Matt tries to find organic plays that don’t have promotion groups or pumps currently underway, in order to remove his downside risk. Most of his plays are 1-2 week swings but he also plays the flavor of the week. He has grown a small account from $89 to over $20K in the last 2 years as a personal challenge. While he plans on continuing to focus on Small Cap and Over the Counter trading but, he will also spend some of his time learning Options. Matt strongly believes that the more diversified a portfolio you have, the better chance you have of long-term success.