UTR Equities (UTR) recognizes that the best way to build a great community is through teamwork, positivity, and support among each other. This allows us to challenge status quo and to consistently raise the bar to new levels. Once this is achieved, we believe great things are sure to follow.

With that said, we are extremely excited to introduce our new referral program that will share the value in the success we all strive for.

Any active member who refers someone to UTR Equities LLC will be compensated based on the service the new member chooses, according to the following levels:

  1. 50% of the value of the new member’s first month’s subscription (for monthly subscriptions)*
  2. 20% of the value of the new member’s quarterly subscription
  3. $100 for annual subscriptions

We strive daily to obtain our mission statement and in doing so, nothing says our members are truly happy more than a referral. We would like to share our gratitude and pay it back, literally! Simply have the individual you are referring add your name when prompted for it in the welcome package they receive when they first sign up!

*The new member needs to complete 3 monthly installments before the referee is compensated, either through a subscription credit or a PayPal transfer (whichever they would like).