1. An experienced and professional network

    UTR is comprised of an experienced and professional network of highly diversified and quality traders who consistently deliver a masterful experience. The team is adept at ensuring members are both properly educated and able to become adaptive to ever changing market conditions. The good folks over at UTR possess a broad knowledge base covering the Equity, Options, Crypto and even Over the Counter…Read More

    Member Damian P
  2. I couldn’t be happier

    I have tried subscription services before, and they are always lacking the specific education I’m looking for or timely responses to urgent decisions. After joining UTR, it is evident that I will have none of these concerns, and as a novice trader it’s approached in a way I can understand and learn from. The caliber of their team is like nothing I’ve experienced before and they’re experts …Read More

    Member Tim J
  3. Thank you UTR!

    UTR sets the new standard for trading education. Their one of a kind approaches to the stock and crypto markets allows them to thrive in ever changing market conditions. The traders themselves have decades of combined trading experience and strive to provide the best education possible. Thank you UTR! Couldn’t ask for a better group to trade with!…Read More

    Member Craig A
  4. You guys definitely have a lifetime member with me!

    I wanted to hold off on the testimonial until I got a couple of months in and now after 3 full months, I can say that UTR is definitely one of the best trading groups I’ve been in. The admins take the time to explain their trades to you and are always willing to help whenever you ask. Even the more experienced members chime in from time to time to help so it’s a very welcoming and positive com…Read More

    Member ASquared
  5. I was smiling

    My portfolio is heavy in the Nasdaq (-2% today). My largest holding is $AMZN (-7% today). At the closing bell I was smiling because my account was +1% today. Thanks UTR… for the community, the education, and the gains!…Read More

    Member Shawn W
  6. The calls here are great

    One of the under-acknowledged benefits of being in this group is confidence and patience. Early this morning the market was looking very dire, down a couple percent. But while discussing different market scenarios with the group I held my positions an had the confidence to stay the course. For the day I ended up a couple percent. The calls here are great, but for me this is really about learning t…Read More

    Member S West
  7. I’ve learned so much

    Absolutely, Matt has been more to me than knowledge. He has been a constant staple for me in staying calm and having patience and determination to not give up. Chris has been more than supportive and helpful with any questions, that I’ve learned so much. For me, paying the monthly fee isn’t easy but even my girl has seen a major change in my trading style since I’ve joined. She now supports …Read More

    Member Daygos
  8. One of the best decisions I have made

    My UTR experiences! I started reading up on stock March of 2018. I decided to put a few dollars in robinhood and play around with it. As you can imagine it wasn’t long it was gone. I googled more and also joined Twitter to try and learn more. I put a few more dollars in the account played around with it wasn’t long it was gone too. While on tweeter I saw someone post something about UTR so lik…Read More

    Member Skulls